Eric Ripert - The Wisdom

"You cannot mix anger and happiness."

4/18/14 - 4/22/14

umami burger, busters, washington square park, naked lunch, king of thai, tupelos, bergerac, fort mason, sf library book sale (purchased 6 books for a $1 each), stuffed bell peppers, pizza, james vincent mcmorrow (way better than i expected, had very funny stories, charming, acoustic, his band went home, didn’t use the mic or plug in for one song, very intimate, i think it was special)


Louis CK Facts

  • He does all his editing on his Mac Book Pro.  
  • He knows how to do everything for his show because he took an av class in middle school then did an internship at the local public tv channel in hs.
  • They relied on him to fix everything.  He had keys to all the rooms.  When the equipment wasn’t in use he would make short films.  
  • Louis doesn’t use zoom lenses

Maron - Backstage with Chris Hardwick and Michael Ian Black

I can’t get over how great this movie was.  

I can’t get over how great this movie was.  

infiniti scarf. red sweater. blue jeans. green soles.  

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

How will I ever get out of this labyrinth?  

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